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Visualize your creative passion instantly.
Form the inspiration in a jiffy.

Try the special creative experience with FireAlpaca SE.

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It's been 12 years since FireAlpaca (standard version) has been released.
Millions of users from 212 countries have been using FireAlpaca.
FireAlpaca SE will evolve as a higher-end brand.

FireAlpaca SE

Interface and functions.

Unleash your creativity on the broad canvas.

Concentrate on drawing

Concentrate on drawing.

User interface and select functions that is kept compact and lets you focus on 'drawing' rather than 'controlling'.

FireAlpaca SE UI

Switchable 2 interface colors.

Select the interface color from 2 switchable options, corresponding to your creative style.

  • Want to focus.
  • Want to use for a long time.
  • Want to suit to the imagination.

High-quality brush.

Hundreds of brush types that stimulates your creativity.

FireAlpaca SE Brush store

Brush store

FireAlpaca SE has the brush store where you can download any brushes from hundreds of brush types.

  • High quality brushes.
  • More than 300+ types.
  • New species are added regularly.
  • Basically free.
Exclusive to SE version. Even more higher quality analog brush

Exclusive to SE version.
Even more higher quality analog brush

FireAlpaca SE lets you download the limited special brushes.
Expand your creativity with the SE version exclusive high quality brushes focused on analog expression.
The limited brushes will be added periodically, and all of both past and future brushes will be available if you purchase the SE version once.

Brush customizability.

Customizing a brush enables you to gain unlimited possibility.
You can freely modify the downloaded brushes. Small nuances such as adjusting the spacing, increasing the amount of spray, etc. can be easily achieved by changing the parameter value. Result will be displayed real-time in brush preview, and you can try the modified brush.

  • Various setting parameters.
  • Easy-to-understand operation.
  • real-time in brush preview.

Customize freely and create your own original brush!

Force fade in/out, Ink pool, Hand lettering.

'Post Processing' under brush editor will automatically adjust the linework. You can customize freely or simply select from a preset option 'Force fade in/out', 'Ink pool', and 'Hand lettering'.

Force Fade In/Out. Force fade in/out, Ink pool, Hand lettering.

It makes the clean entry and exit of brush stroke.

Ink Pool. Force fade in/out, Ink pool, Hand lettering.

It makes an ink pool expression as if you stopped a pen and pressed against a paper.

Hand lettering. Force fade in/out, Ink pool, Hand lettering.

It applies a hand drawn expression to letterings.

Brush texture

Brush texture

You can selecting a 5 type brush texture. It adds an extra analog expression and can be applied to most of brush types. Texture can be also added to downloaded unique brushes.

Brush texture sample

Designed for convenience.

Processing delay while drawing will impact on losing your creativity.
FireAlpaca SE is equipped with hidden codes internally to bring out the best creative environment.


Powerful speed and evolution, uniquly PC.

Experience the high speed processing supporting multi-core CPU.

FireAlpaca SE supports multithreading for screen display, brush processing, file saving, filter processing, layer deformation, skewed brush, zoom in & out processing, deformation, and such, by fully utilizing daily improved CPU power.

  • Supporting the latest CPU, absolutely.
  • Experience the high speed processing.

Memory efficient design. Comfortable processing on any PC.

Multiple applications are often being used simultaneously.

FireAlpaca SE creates a use-friendly work environment with the memory efficient design that uses the most suitable memory without fully occupying the limited memory.
For example, using the memory for only the drawn area realizes the speedy and smooth performance.

Furthermore, FireAlpaca SE supports color layer, 8 bit layer, and 1 bit layer, that gives additional memory saving opportunity and improves the stability and high speed processing.

FireAlpaca SE

Features and functions available only in FireAlpaca SE

More unique features will be implemented to FireAlpaca SE for the future development.

Only buy outright.

Only buy outright.

You don't have to worry about monthly fees all the time. FireAlpaca SE is buy-in, but Special features will be added in the future. Enjoy drawing!

No subscription.

No subscription.

There are no subscriptions. Enjoy your FireAlpaca SE experience longer. And stay tuned for additional features.

No ads displayed.

No ads displayed.

We do not display advertisements so that you can concentrate on drawing. We do not guard functionality with advertisements.

2 interface colors.

2 interface colors.

Highly requested dark UI mode is available. Select the interface color from 2 switchable options, corresponding to your creative style.

Special brushes.

Special brushes.

FireAlpaca SE has the brush store where you can download any brushes from hundreds of brush types. Special brushes exclusive to FireAlpaca SE will be added.

Liquify tool.

Liquify feature is implemented, that distorts a partial layer as if using a brush. It enables to add expansion and contraction effects and make a fine adjustment.

  • Expand, Contract, Push, Right-rotate, Left-rotate tool options
Layer mask.

Layer mask.

Special features for FireAlpaca SE only. Layer mask function has been added.

Animation by Twarda(@Twarda8

For animation production as well.

Onion skin tool lets you create an animation.
Onion skin lets the previous and next frames appear translucent, so that it helps you to draw the transition and to visialize your imagination.
The animation can be exported to GIF or APNG (animation PNG) formats.

Enable the best visualization of all with the SE version.

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On Steam

FireAlpaca SE on Steam

Available via Steam.

Steam is the worldwide online game and software platform where 130 million users have registered. Steam keeps the latest version of FireAlpaca SE, and its license is securely managed. You can access FireAlpaca SE from other PC as well.

  • Automatic update.
  • Keeps the latest version.
  • Secure license management.
  • Can be activated on other computers.

Go with your inspiration.

Work environment has been changing with the times.

However the simplest and most important basic 'draw' action will not change.

FireAlpaca SE maximizes your possibility to visualize your inspiration and 'draw-by-your-hand' expression.

Evolution has just begun.

FireAlpaca keeps evolving with the SE version.

Check! FireAlpaca SE

More unique features will be implemented to FireAlpaca SE for the future development.

FireAlpaca SE FireAlpaca SE FireAlpaca SE FireAlpaca SE